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WallySci is committed to fostering an environment for hands-on exploration at the interface of computer science, robotics, and bioengineering.

Especially designed for students and researchers, the robust, high-performance sensors provide an opportunity for rapid prototyping of hacker devices and unconstrained scientific quest.

All-in-One Expandable Wireless Development Framework

E3K is your framework for an intuitive understanding of Bio-signals. Use the kit to explore and build your own Electromyography (EMG), Electrocardiography (ECG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) machine. E3K is your Bio-Sensing kit for a variety of project needs in Robotics, Biomechanics, Biosensing, Physiology, Quantitative Feature Extraction, Real-time data transfer and visualization, Multisensory Data Acquisition or AI frameworks.

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E3K is your Bio-Sensing kit for an intuitive understanding of Bio-signals. Use the kit to explore and build your own ECG, EMG and EEG machine. Whether you're a researcher or a student or a science enthusiast, E3K is your Bio-Sensing kit for a variety of project needs.



Measures muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve's stimulation of the muscle.

Develop your own analysis code to monitor the motion and forces produced by different muscles of your body.


ECG signals are captured using 3 leads. The signal is processed both at hardware and software to build the PQRST complex. Using this signal one can measure the beats per minute (BPM) and check the health of the heart.

Develop your own heart activity monitor and learn about the analysis of ECG 


Observe the complex signals generated by various parts of your brain. A differential EEG signal is captured from 2 electrodes and third one electrode is used as reference point.

Challenge yourself to build  your own Brain Computer Interface. 

Incorporate Wireless Capability 

Transmit signals wirelessly through WiFi or Bluetooth to your PC or smartphone.
The expandable framework lets you integrate various sensors and actuators. So, innovate and create your own integrated project.

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Realtime Data Line Graph - Google Chrome
Intuitive Graphical Visualization

Download our free Visualization software for sensor data acquisition from multiple channels including muscle,  heart, and physical activity.

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We are a team of IIT Alumni working tirelessly to develop an affordable research kit for understanding Bio-Sensing. WallySci has become an essential part of the Bio-Sensing community by promoting innovative ideas that enhance the future.

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